Steamfest 2019 Photographic Competition


Steamfest 2019 Photographic Competition. Entries Open 13th March 2019 with the subject being “VISITORS ENJOYING OUR LIVING HERITAGE”.
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The Top Prize this year is flights for two to the value of $500 from “Cradle Mountain and Fury Gorge Adventure Flights”

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2nd Prize has been donated by Cradle Country Adventures value at $200 for

a Horse ride. 

Camera Club Competitions:

MAR 6th Next Meeting

RAW Conversion Tutorial starts at 7:15pm.

North Island Travels by Gil Hayes Presentation

Printed Images – Competition is open for Printed Images Due by 20th March.

There is a collection area for a digital copy of these files so we have a record when it comes to placing on the website.

MDC Open until 24th Mar “Sweets”

Next Projected Images Competition starts on 17th April.

Save These Dates:

SteamFEST Photographic Competition is coming up fast, be sure to register on the site for this before the start dates. Please be aware that all entries from last years competittion will automatically open thier memberships during this time, and do not need to re-register. Opens 13th March Ends 25th March for entries.

TPF at Camp Banksia 23rd March 

Camp Banksia,Port Sorell 23rd March 2019

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